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Guide for Managing Waste

These are tips on how to manage your waste.

Here are three simple points to remember

  • Buy only what you will actually use to reduce your debt.
  • Reuse whenever you can. Get refills. Think second-hand.
  • Use to recycle what you can.
Here are some green tips to reduce your waste this Christmas
Here are some green tips to reduce your waste this Christmas

Didn’t know that was also available?

* Recycling one plastic drink can will provide 25 minutes of power for a computer.

* Recycling plastic can save twice as much energy than burning incinerators.

* Plastic carrier bags can also be returned to supermarkets for recycling.

* Place recyclable materials loosely in your recycling container, and not in plastic bags.

* For an adult fleece-covered jacket, you’ll need 25 2-litre plastic bottles

How can I organise my garbage?

Step 1

  • You should hire a waste contractor. You must ensure that all companies handling your refuse are licensed.
  • The householder will still be responsible for the waste, even if the collector is authorized to pick it up. The householder remains responsible until the collector takes it away.
  • Beware fake collectors

Step 2

Before asking any waste collector to collect their household waste (either for kerb-side collection or bags for discarded clothing, furnishings, and soil), every householder should make sure they have the answers.

  • Do you have a Waste collection permit? If so, how can I find it? Every permit will come with a reference # that starts with NWCPO/WCO/WW. They should be able to show it. You may be in violation of the law.
  • What are your charges? And how much will I be charged? Recent changes to how waste is collected mean that household waste charges are based upon the weight of the collected waste.
  • What recycling is allowed?

Step 3

A brown bin service is now required for all food waste collected by waste collectors.

Alternativly, you could buy a composter for your back garden to reuse your organic waste. About a third to a quarter of your waste is recyclable and can be used in your garden. All of your vegetable, fruit, and grass wastes, along with any grass cuttings, seeds, or hedge trimmings, will be compostable at home.

Step 4

Decide how your recycling will be handled. However, a contractor will provide you with a recycling collection from your home. They may not always accept all items. All materials must be dry and cleaned. Recycling means that the materials used in making new goods must be in good shape or they won’t be usable again.

Step 5

Keep hazardous materials safe and dispose of them properly. Keep an open mind for announcements about hazardous waste collections.

Step 6

To prevent harming the environment or others’, waste must be properly stored

Waste Framework Directive

The Waste Framework Directive provides basic guidelines for waste management and defines what “waste”. It specifies that EU member states must:

  • Verify that water, air and soil are not at risk from the waste being disposed of or recovered.
  • Don’t allow waste disposal that causes nuisance through excessive noise levels or unpleasant smells to be allowed to pollute special places of natural interest or create nuisance for the public.
  • Prohibit the uncontrolled dumping and dumping of trash
  • In order to establish a comprehensive network of waste treatment plants, you must prepare waste management strategies, ensure that the people who store and manage waste are properly licensed, and create a waste management plan.
  • Require waste collectors be granted special authorisation and to keep records
  • Perform inspections on companies involved in waste collection/disposal
  • Get periodic inspections
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