Top 5 amazing places in Dublin with glamorous public toilets

Dying for a pee in the city centre? Don’t panic, this list has all the most glamorous public toilets to be found in Dublin.

We’ve all been caught out by a grim public toilet experience in Dublin, and there’s nothing worse. Dirty facilities, broken locks, endless queues – you know the drill. When you’re local to a city, it’s much easier to know which spots are the go-to choices when nature calls while in public. As a visitor, however, it’s easy to get caught out by a sub-par toileting travesty.

You deserve better than this. You are a prized guest in the capital city, and your bum deserves a toilet that reflects that status. This is why we have put together this definitive guide of the top five most amazing places with glamorous public toilets in Dublin.

5. Arnotts, Henry Street – for a mid-browsing bathroom break

Arnotts on Henry Street has some of the most glamorous public toilets in Dublin, when nature call's be sure to seek them out.
Credit: @mredgarallan / Instagram

Caught on the hop on heaving Henry Street? This
is a minefield – there are so many toileting options in the general area, and
it can be overwhelming to choose under pressure. Our advice? Stay calm and look
for the Arnott’s sign.

This department store is pretty much always
busy, so you may have to queue – but the toilets are spacious, clean, and have
very flattering lighting. There is also the rare touch of a full-length mirror
for last-minute outfit adjustments. These are an excellent shout for a
reasonably glamorous public toilet experience in Dublin’s shopping district.

Address: 12 Henry St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 C3Y9, Ireland

4. National Gallery – for a whimsical wee and a wander

Looking a grand place to pee, The National Gallery has some of the best public toilets in all of Dublin.

The National Gallery is a classy place and also free to enter. It’s generally a rather quiet place, particularly on a weekday. The toilets aren’t particularly artistic, but they are clean and we’ve never had to queue for them.

The bonus is that after you’ve answered
nature’s call, you can go straight into answering the soul’s call by basking in
rooms upon rooms of gorgeous art. There’s also a gorgeous café and gift shop
on-site. If there was ever a chance to turn a toilet break into a lovely
serendipitous afternoon…

Address: Merrion Square W, Dublin 2, Ireland

3. Dublin Castle – the royal wee

Looking for a historic pee, some of the best public toilets in Dublin can be found in Dublin castle.

This is not the choice if you’re bursting
because there’s a bit of a cobble-stoned trek to find it, but a solid choice
nonetheless in the central Dame Street area. There’s nothing particularly
special about the toilets themselves – although they are large, clean, and
generally quiet.

The attraction of this one is the whole
concept of going to the bathroom in an actual historic castle, which is undoubtedly
on someone’s public toilet bucket-list.

Address: Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland

2. National Library of Ireland – where classic meets modern

The National Library of Ireland has spectacular, traditional toilets, sure to be one of the best pees you ever have.
Credit: @nationallibraryofireland / Instagram

The toilets of the olden days hold little appeal to the modern consumer. An efficient flushing system and sturdy seat are expected commodities nowadays, and so they should be. The National Library knows this, and thus provides fantastic new-age toilets in a vintage-style setting.

There are ornate tiles, stained glass, and
old-school exposed copper pipes to feast your eyes on, and even convenient
arm-chairs to lounge about if you aren’t ready to tear yourself away once your
business is done — a solid choice for a glamorous public toilet experience in
Dublin’s city centre.

Address: 7-8 Kildare St, Dublin 2, D02 P638, Ireland

1. Brown Thomas (the secret, downstairs loo) – for a serene yet chic toileting experience

Brown Thomas are known for having some of the best public toilets in Dublin, but try to use their downstairs one for less queues.

This was once the place for a toilet stop in town. It had every wonderful
ingredient you could ask for in a public toilet – spacious cubicles with
individual mirrors, friendly toilet attendants who go in and do a quick clean
after every individual user, fantastic lighting at the main sinks, Notion’s
hand creams, a chilled atmosphere… and then we went and ruined it for

We told too many people about the Brown Thomas toilets. We got excited and over-shared, and suddenly everyone and their mother decided the third floor of BT was the obvious pit-stop when on the Southside. The Saturday traffic became akin to the M50 at rush hour (okay, we’re exaggerating a little) and the spot where you could once dawdle over your reflection became a quick in-and-out as your fellow queue buddies all but timed your performance.

What most people don’t know is that there’s
an equally wonderful toilet on the basement floor. It has all the perks of the
better-known third-floor toilet, but with none of the queueing. Once again,
Brown Thomas is a haven for the picky pee-er. Until we went and ruined it again
by putting it in an article…

Address: 88-95 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, D02 VF65, Ireland

So there you have it, the top five most amazing places with glamorous public toilets in Dublin. Keep this guide to hand on your travels around the city and you will save yourself countless unspeakable indignities. You can thank us later!

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