Guinness Storehouse named Ireland’s top visitor attraction of 2019

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin has just been named Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction of the past year!

Guinness Storehouse named Ireland's top visitor attraction of 2019

The world-famous St. James’s Gate brewery drew more than 1.7 million guests across the last 12 months, making it more visited than any other attraction on the Emerald Isle.

The Storehouse attracts visitors from all
over the world and is one of Ireland’s most important sources of tourism.

The Guinness Storehouse saw an enormous increase in numbers

Guinness Storehouse named Ireland's top visitor attraction of 2019

It is unsurprising that the landmark
attraction made this achievement, as it had already taken the medal for being
Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction of 2017 and 2018.

However, 2019’s huge figure is a dramatic increase of 32% on 2018’s number of visitors, and during that time the storehouse saw a phenomenal 1.1 million pints of delicious Guinness being poured for everyone that paid in.

It is a custom every year that at least
50,000 people get to pull their own pints of Guinness and have their selfies
printed onto the head using malt ink.

Alongside delicious pints, the storehouse
dished up more than 48,000 portions of beef and Guinness stew with almost
50,000 oysters – it is common practice to pair fresh seafood with a pint of the
black stuff.

Visitors come from all over the world to make the Guinness
Storehouse a resounding success

Visitors come from all over the world to see the Guinness Storehouse

Fascinatingly, around 25% of all visitors
to the Guinness Storehouse came from the United States.

Paul Carty, managing director of the Guinness Storehouse, could not have been more enthused by the numbers, hailing 2019 as an “incredibly successful year for the Guinness Storehouse”.

He says, “We kicked off the year by
celebrating a momentous milestone in our history by welcoming our 20 millionth
visitor in April; introduced Guinness Storehouse Seafest, a three-month
festival devoted to Ireland’s world-famous seafood and its synonymous
relationship with Guinness; celebrated International Stout Festival, St.
Patrick’s Day and much, much more.”

Visitors enjoy pints of the 'black stuff' in the Gravity Bar

2019 also saw the Guinness Storehouse welcoming its 20 millionth visitor ever on April 25. The person in question was Maria Christian from New York, who was visiting the Emerald Isle for the first time with her County Tipperary–born fiancé.

Ever since it opened in 2000, the Guinness
Storehouse has continually reinvested its money into improving its visitor
experience. It’s no wonder it has been such a success.

More exciting news is still to come in 2020

St. James’s Gate has great things in store for 2020

As if this news weren’t enough, Guinness is already set to introduce a new premium tour to the well-known tourist hotspot. The new tour will begin on January 17, lasting about two hours and promising the ultimate Guinness experience that delves into the past, present and future of St. James’s Gate.

Visitors of this premium experience will be
among the few permitted to go inside the Roast House, where Guinness’s barley
is roasted to 232 degrees Celsius. Visitors will experience the legendary
underground tunnel that will take them to Brewhouse 4, the state-of-the-art
brewery that is responsible for the creation of today’s Guinness.

It is also expected that limited-edition
food, beer and special vouchers will be given out at the end of the tour.

Tickets start at €95 per person.

Dive in and explore the city like a local.

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In compact Dublin, you can easily cover a lot of ground on your own

From nocturnal pub crawling (for educational purposes) to high-adrenaline outdoor activities to fun family-friendly pursuits, choices abound.

You might start with the capital’s supremo tourist attraction, the Guinness Storehouse. Most people do.

Prefer being under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable guide?

There are tons of tours – walking, traveling by bicycle or bus, amphibious vehicle or horse-drawn cart…or even by boat or kayak.

However you choose to get about, you can also experience the true spirit of traditional Irish culture and history through architecture, dance, storytelling, music, theatre, museums and galleries.

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