10 new developments that’ll change Dublin as we know it

Dublin is prospering and growing every year. Here are our top picks for new developments sure to change the face of this city.

Post-recession, Dublin
has made a mighty comeback. Once more, Irish diaspora are returning home and
the job market is finally in a stable state.

New developments are
springing up, and ghost estates which once lay dormant are a hive of activity.
Cranes tower over the cityscape; a subtle gesture that reminds us of Dublin’s

While you may wonder what is next on the cards, we’ve gone ahead and summed up the 10 new developments (unfinished, and coming soon) which will change the face of Dublin as we know it.

10. Dalata Hotel Spencer Dock – a beautiful hotel in a booming area

The Dalata Hotel at Spencer Dock is one of the top 10 new developments that'll change Dublin in the future.

Reports of this new significant hotel development came shortly after we rang in new year 2019 and people are eager to see what is in store.

Located in Spencer Dock along the River Liffey, this four-star development promises over one million square feet of luxury for its future guests.

The hotel is looking
likely to open at the end of 2020 and is due to create thousands of jobs in

9. Urban Quarter Grangegorman – a modern hub for students

The ultra-modern hub at Grangegorman, one of our 10 picks for new developments that'll change Dublin, is truly a modern masterpiece of a place.

Grangegorman was once
an area seldom walked alone. The site, which is commonly associated with St
Brendan’s Hospital psychiatric unit, sits on 73 acres of prime real estate.

Today, a new lease of life is being bestowed upon the premises. The primary focus of this redevelopment is to offer a state-of-the-art campus to DIT students as well as a new urban quarter, welcoming a fresh allure to the area.

8. Facebook Building Ballsbridge – a symbol of Dublin’s prosperity

One of our top 10 new developments that'll change Dublin is Facebook's acquisition of the AIB Bank Centre in Ballsbridge.

In November 2018,
Facebook finally confirmed its intent to move its EMEA headquarters to a single
complex in Ballsbridge.

The state-of-the-art development will sit on what was once the AIB Bank Centre in Ballsbridge. It covers over 870,000 square foot and accommodates thousands of employees.

7. Virgin Hotel – a high-rise beauty set to soar above the city

Set to be a showstopper of a hotel, Virgin is looking to produce one on Tara Street, one sure to raise the profile of the city.

This tower hotel is a significant
development that’s set to change the Dublin landscape. The hotel, which will be
developed under Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotel group, will be 22 storeys in
height and dominate the landscape of Tara Street.

With 106 bedrooms, this development took two years to secure planning permission, but now with the green light it’ll be full-steam ahead. It’s definitely one of the top 10 new developments that will change Dublin.

6. U2 Visitor Centre – a shrine to a famous Irish export

The U2 visitor centre is sure to be a great addition to the capital city, making it one of our 10 new developments that'll change Dublin.

Another development that took time to gain planning permission was the U2 Visitor Centre, intended for Dublin’s Docklands.

The development will
consist of a museum, venue, and exhibition space and is expected to draw
390,000 visitors annually.

5. Howl at the Moon – the rebirth of a cherished nightlife spot

Though people may be disappointed by the death of Howl at the Moon, the new hotel being developed there is sure to be one of the top 10 new developments that'll change Dublin.

Old-school Dublin ravers will be sad to learn that the dormant club is soon to become a hotel.

This upcoming
development will offer 52-bedrooms on the site of the former nightclub which
was in heavy rotation on the Dublin clubbing scene.

Property developer Paddy McKillen Jnr is at the helm of this project. Other developments in his portfolio include the Devlin in Ranelagh and the Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street.

4. The Liberties’ Newmarket Square – revamped and revitalised

The Liberties' Newmarket Square is undergoing a major facelift, making it a social area full of leisure opportunities for its inhabitants.

Newmarket Square in
the Liberties in Dublin is set to undergo a major facelift, certain to change
the face of Dublin as we know it.

This area has long been attributed with independent market stallholders and artists, and, although the gentrification is welcome, it is the end of an era for traders in the area.

3. Cherrywood Town Centre – a busy cultural centre

Cherrywood Town Centre is sure to be a busy cultural hub for all those living on the Southside of Dublin.

The mega-development
of Cherrywood Town Centre on the Southside of Dublin will bring the addition of
1,269 new apartments and 130 social units.

A whopping 3,000
construction jobs will be created through its construction and artist
interpretations of the development suggest a modern and fresh community

2. Children’s Hospital – a medical game-changer

The new Children's Hospital is set to be a big help in Dublin. It'll be a state-of-the-art building with modern equipment and facilities.

The new children’s
hospital development is of enormous significance to Dublin. In fact, according
to its official website, it is the biggest “capital investment project ever undertaken
in healthcare in Ireland.” 

“Its completion will
enhance how acute children’s health services are delivered, resulting in
improved survival rates for the sickest children and young people.”

1. Exo Building – an award-winning city icon

The Exo Building is our top pick for 10 new developments that'll change Dublin due to it's modern look and height.

The greatest
development coming to Dublin in future years is the Exo Building, a new
seventeen-storey skyscraper in Dublin’s North Quay. It’s a boldly designed
structure, having already won prestigious awards like the international Architecture
Award 2019.

It stands as a symbol of both Dublin’s prosperity and modern international business prowess. The structure is currently under construction and predicted to be completed this year. The Exo Building is sure to be one of the greatest 10 new developments in Dublin.

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